Our very first collaboration with With Bitch Thrift!

Witch Bitch Thrift is a inclusive thrift shop for women over a size 12. They are the sweetest, kindest ladies that only opened up their on line shop on Instagram 9 months ago. These ladies killed it! Took Instagram and turned it upside down and went viral. They offer monthly Instagram drops and have their website which is a must to check out as well. 
  They call Little Moons Crystals one of the OGs. I’ve watched them grow and become successful overnight. First with Instagram then on TikTok. They have hit the local news paper in their home state of Connecticut for opening a thrift shop during a pandemic and running wild with it. These two best friends have become an Instagram sensation. 
   Little Moons Crystals was born in February 2018 and grew through Facebooks platform. We now have our Instagram page and website. We sell crystals and other metaphysical items to aid in self discovery. We offer crystals, crystal healing, workshops, live shows, herbal blends and so much more. 
  We are so excited to announce a Witch Bitch Thrift and Little Moons Crystals collaboration. Stay tuned for more on this amazing feature presentation.